We understand that all companies, across sectors, are facing pressure to improve their bottom lines, retain their customers and offer better products / services…often at lower prices. For this, they have to invest in training, retention and motivation of their employees. However, all these investments are not very effective, if the recruitment is not effective in the first place. A wrong recruit is generally an invisible cost for a Co.; and more senior the recruit, more is the cost. We understand your requirement of hiring people, who can make a positive difference.

At WHIINS, we are a group of professionals, who have years of experience in HR with some of the best Indian and Multi National Companies. Having been on the other side of the table, we understand our clients’ requirements and how to best deliver them.

We saw an opportunity to provide better services in HR Industry and so founded a company named, WHIINS, an acronym for “We Have It In US”. Our name comes from our confidence that we deliver high performance on consistent basis; it also comes from our zeal to go an extra mile to help our clients… & it also comes from our years of experience in the corporate world & knowing the expectations of our clients.

We are here to create an organization that will last and thus we have invested in processes & infrastructure which give clear advantages to our customers. We are here to exceed our customers’ expectations, giving them benefits with compelling relationships, which others will find difficult to emulate.