The Right Fit: On the face of it, all Executive Search Companies look the same; however difference lies in who gets merely the relevant candidates & who gets the star performers from the target companies. Often itís the candidates who are progressing in their jobs, are the ones most required. But ironically, most of the consultants provide the candidates who are available, not necessarily the best ones.

We understand this requirement and hence go an extra mile to find out the best people who will make a difference in your organization and will be culturally compatible.

Dedicated Software: Our online “WHIINS” software provides you access to our data base on 24 X 7 basis. It not only helps you in comparing the quality of candidates but also tracks time taken to revert back to you.

Functional Expertise: While dealing with WHIINS, you are dealing with a team of professionals who are trained in competency based recruitments, psycho-metric testing and some of the best recruitment tools available.

Speed: We understand you requirement of getting the right people, in time, therefore we have invested in “WHIINS” software that gives you online access to our work. You can use the system to track Turn-Around-Time of WHIINS vis-à-vis other consultants.

100% Process Compliance: We follow 100% Quality check on processes and service level maintenance.