Executive Search/ Head Hunting:

At WHIINS, we help you in identifying and recruiting the best talent available in the Industry. The process that we adopt is to

  • First, understand our client organization’s business, organizational structure, culture, growth plans as well their Industry. We also try to understand their Employee’s Value Proposition, i.e., intangible reasons for working with them.
  • Understand Job Specifications viz., Key Result Areas, Major Challenges, Internal/ External Contacts, Competencies required, Education & Experience required; and other relevant details.
  • Develop a Target List of appropriate companies/ industries from where to recruit.
  • Map the industry through head hunting process and database.
  • Discuss the opportunity with the relevant candidates and confirm their interest.
  • Screening of interested candidates by Sr. Consultants, on required Functional & Behavioral Competencies and Cultural Fitment. We are trained in various Assessment Tools, and we screen the candidates as per clients’ competency model.
  • Share the Industry Mapping & Short listed Profiles (with our ratings) with the Client.
  • Facilitate the Assessment process.
  • Help in closing the offer with the selected candidate.
  • Informal discussion with the candidate, in initial months to ascertain his/ her comfort level and deliveries.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

We provide complete Recruitment Process Outsourcing to our clients. We understand that large organizations attract numerous job applications. However identifying the right candidates from this huge data base of candidates can be a tedious and time consuming task. If not done properly, this leads to leakage of possible Talent Pool, who have proactively applied for your organization.

We help you in filtering the relevant profiles thereby helping you in getting the right fit at much lower cost.

Campus Recruitment:

We understand our client organization’s requirement to maintain a healthy talent pipeline, by recruitment of High Potential Freshers from Engineering and Management Campuses.

Campus Recruitment requires much more than taking the interviews. Also screening a large number of students becomes an arduous task. We help our client organizations in developing and maintaining relations with the identified institutions, making presentations, handling MIS and screening of students.

Recruitment through Advertisements:

WHIINS undertakes to advertise on its client's behalf and carry out the entire process, including initial interviews. Alternately, if a client organization advertises itself, the screening of profiles can be outsourced to WHIINS.